New Social Media (To Me)

Pinterest Logo
“Pinterest is an online pinboard”
Organize and Share the things you love.

Pinterest is an interesting concept. It seems the main function of the site is to create an online visual persona for the person who utilises it. By collating a pool of images you could begin to see what this person likes, their colour pallet, locations they like, sports they enjoy, their thoughts on love. An interesting adaptation of a picture saying a thousand words. Yet interest itself seems very text dominated. Unlike Tumblr, the focus here seems to be on the discussion around the images, and not so much the image itself. It also offers the option of compartmentalising your images. I.e. organising them in groups. Also, you can get “repinned” – which I guess is similar to a reblog.

It works, don’t get me wrong. But as a visual medium I think it falls short.

Habbo Logo

My analysis here will be limited as I will not be creating a Habbo account, but from the looks of it, it’s a second life network. Now these do scare me. As much as we can create personas for ourselves online, going to the extent of creating a little character you live through in a virtual world is bleeding the lines of what’s acceptable practice. I say this because I think there is a limit, however tenuous this may be, that one can get to. A limit in so far as what is real and what is not. Regardless, there is a certain amount of trust that one places in these sites that the person using it is who they say they are. This is obviously inherent in all online profiling. Yet the idea of creating an avatar scares the shit out of me. No thanks.


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