Self Assessment

Below you will find how I plan to assess myself over the semester.
There are four key categories, each of which comes with a brief description.
Below this, you will find a breakdown of how to achieve certain grades.

Assessment Categories

1. Topical posts
Posts are perhaps the most obvious part of the blog, yet in order to keep on top of things it will be important to summarise key ideas and thoughts from both the lecture and the tute. This involves 2 compulsory posts each week.
As these key ideas will be framing for thoughts, another few posts will provide the opportunity to extend these concepts and achieve a better mark.

2. Community
Comments on peers blogs, analysis, and interaction amongst the blogosphere are key to improving one’s following and enriching the blogging experience.
Interaction with peers, academics and an increase in followers will achieve the best mark.

3. Blog structure
The blog needs to be visually satisfying. It needs to be easy to use, and organised well. Alongside this, it should show a sense of the blog’s community, and allow a follower to navigate with ease. Tags should also be used to aid in the above.

4. Reflection
As apart from topical posts, reflection posts are not as regular. That being said, these posts are supposed to be critical incident type posts. Whereby, they outline a major change in understanding, and epiphany, that could also enlighten followers.


Visually satisfying blog that can be easily navigated, regular, informing and creative posts implementing all types of media, regular critical reflection and influential interaction with the community.

Great blog structure, easy to use, regular posts that implement variety of media types, regular critical reflection and regular interaction with the community.

Good blog structure, regular posts that show some increase in knowledge, some critical reflection and a sporadic interaction with the community.

Blog can be used with some difficulty, reflection is shallow and does not show critical thinking, posts are irregular yet do show some increase in knowledge, little interaction with community.

Limited to no posts, no interaction with community, no critical reflection and clunky blog structure.


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