Radio Reflection – Part 1

It’s an interesting thing learning radio at university. At once it is creative, distinct, autonomous and fulfilling – yet it’s all marked. Marked = assessed.

I would suggest that the extra level of judgment slightly sways what we create and how we go about creating it. Instead of storyboarding or brainstorming I might grab my course guide and see what is being assessed, then try fit my ideas into it.

That being said, I’m not trying to suggest this is a bad thing. In every working environment I’ve found myself to date, you are effectively redundant if you don’t know how to fit into the mould of that business.

Hence, if we treat university as a business, as inevitably, it tries to treat us as industry professionals rather than students, you begin to see how the university model can be effective in preparing one for the rigours of the professional environment.

Still, that barrier to creativity (as I will term it) – of assessment rather than business as a means to money, undoubtedly something is changed in the way I go about creating.

Whether I can overcome that will remain to be seen, however the best I can do in the interim is stay true to my own method of working and fit this however best it fits to the needs of University.


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