Participatory Projects – In a Lecture?

What an interesting lecture. By the time you read this you may not be able to see the Twitter feed that we added to during the lecture on #im212, but I’ll try see if I can link to that time stamp at some point.

We were treated to a Skype lecture. My first that’s for sure. Regardless of the slightly pixelated image, this really worked for me. I was able to tune in and out of what Jonathon was saying, jump on twitter, write some notes to blog and research a few things Jonathon was talking about.

Clearly, Jonathon knows his audience. We aren’t always the most attentive bunch, but when you consider we can interact with and make use of 3 or more tools at once, all while learning, the Skype lecture is rather impressive.

I believe this lecture in itself is a participatory project. We’re interacting through Skype, asking questions. So too we’re tweeting using #im212. Jonathon gets our questions, we respond to each other, we all learn collaboratively. And I would make a guess at the goal of this lecture being exactly that – collaboration towards learning.


One thought on “Participatory Projects – In a Lecture?

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