Radio Reflection – Part 3

How do you have a personality in radio?

Sort of a strange question, but also kind of relevant.

Here’s why.

Without a personality that is distinct and engaging you might as well have songs back announced by a robot and interview questions phoned in from R2D2. We can only assume he would be a knowledgeable little fella due to all that flying and fighting with Luke.

All jokes aside, personality makes a show.

It’s what makes Rob Jan’s Zero G. Peculiarly informed and undeniably interesting.

It’s also what may end up in getting a radio personality fired – think Derryn Hinch.

Either way, it’s what an audience is attracted to. The dulcet tones of the presenter, his or her way of analyzing situation, their energy… all of these make a person worth listening to and help drive audience numbers up.


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