Radio Reflection – Part 4

Last week saw me posting about the importance of having a personality in radio.

I’d like to take the opportunity to expand on the importance of having a personality that fits to the station on which you are broadcasting.

Personally, I’d think it appropriate to suggest we all have our own way of representing ourselves – our personality. Yet these can be different for different contexts, friends, places and times.

If we consider the above is true, then one must ask which personality suits the radio station for which you will be presenting.

I, for one, admire the energy and skill of presenters on the likes of Fox FM and Nova to engage a young, vibrant audience through a mix of pop culture, music and gossip. It would not be easy to do. Trust me.

At the same time, a station such as Triple J or Triple R would demand a completely different kind of presenter. Triple R may require a more specific presenter for a distinct segment, I.e. Rob Jan for his Zero G segment, whereas Triple J might sit some way between the more commercial readio stations and the independents.

Thus, which one do I, or you, sit in?

Well, I think we can all find a place regardless of the station. The trick is in knowing what the station wants, and adapting your skills and your personality to suit.

That being said, it’s not easy to do.


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