Radio Reflection – Part 5

For the third consecutive week I’d like to have a look at personality, this time focusing in specifically on my own personality.

By doing this, I will attempt to gauge whether I might be able to bend my skills to certain audiences at a certain, commercial stations.

Here we go:

Fox FM – Key Age Bracket 10-17 + 18-24
Super energy. I often wonder how a guy like MC (Michael Christian) does it. Every morning, mid morning that is, pumping out tunes and keeping the energy up. I could do it, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve got a serious respect for these guys and girls.

Nova 100 – Key Age Bracket 18-24
Similar to Fox, yet I think presenters get away with a bit more relaxed presentation style here. Focus on comedy, and a welcoming presentation team.

Mix 101.1 – Key Age Bracket 10-17
Considering the age bracket, I’m not so sure the current presenters appeal to them. That being said, this also suggests that Mix is family friendly radio, which it is. So plenty of families will be tuning in.

Gold FM – Key Age Bracket 55-64
Older age bracket due to choice of music. Presenters are hence older to reflect the audience base. That being said, why not inject some youth in there? I think I’d fit in.

Triple M – Key Age Bracket 25-39
Key age bracket is 25-39 year olds, and, you guessed it, males. Plenty of sports talk and rock, but still a commercially successful station. Would be an easy mix to get into.

Triple J – Key Age Bracket 18-24
Pushing for more independent music and hence the presenters represent that. A few musicians present, ie. Lindsay McDougal and Nina Las Vegas. Station trades on its credibility, and keeps this 18-24 bracket fairly comfortably by focussing on new music. Ideal.

All stats compiled from Nielsen 2012 Melbourne Survey #4 March 25 – June 9


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