Radio Reflection – Part 6

Audience is a vital part of radio. Without an audience you cannot have a successful show. Commercially, an audience is what keeps a station running and viable.

So how does one attract an audience?

I’ve mentioned previously that this can be done through the personalities that are on the station.

But I think brand identity is certainly a huge factor also.

While this is in certain ways defined by the personalities on the station, brand identity is also something larger and more holistic, and indeed harder to influence.

Regardless of how you program the show, the audience will decide whether you are pumping out commercial pop, reasonable indie tunes or absolute crap.

I guess what I am getting at here is it is extremely difficult to predict how an audience will respond.

While a show such as Fifi & Jules contains everything you could really ask for, there is no doubting it struggles to reach the same audience numbers that Hamish & Andy have previously.

The above would suggest its only personalities that define audience participation, I would suggest that a well respected brand identity will retain audience members if they play their cards right.

For example, in non ratings periods Triple J might shuffle Lewi McKirdy into the Drive spot and not lose a substantial amount of audience numbers (nor do they increase).

Thus, does this mean that if you are putting out a product that is desirable, the presenter doesn’t matter?

Well, not really. It’s a vital mix between the two, one that takes quite an effort to maintain the desired successful balance.


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