Radio Reflection – Part 7

Is radio in Australia really that different from anywhere else in the world?

I remember Hamish and Andy broadcasting from their various Caravan of Courage tours. From America, the UK.

I wondered whether these people would be watching these two Australians galavant through their town and wonder what the hell was going on, or whether they may have seen it all before.

Now, obviously Hamish and Andy are unique in their own way, bless their souls, so I’m sure they probably hadn’t seen anything quite like these two.

But the question I want to ask is whether radio can really differ a great deal between nations.

When you consider a station such as NPR through All Music Considered plays artists that Triple J also plays, is this enough to suggest that perhaps we should just determine a station by category (commercial, independent/talkback, magazine) rather than the country it comes from?


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