yearingcat – is a moniker necessary?

Is a moniker necessary?

I would say not really.

Yet I use one.


I’ve always looked at actors who change their names to something outlandish or plain strange as a little deranged.

Yet a name change such as Olivia Wilde or Kirk Douglas is rather more intriguing than alienating.

So where does yearingcat fit into this?

I chose to write under a moniker as a way of linking all formats together by this name.

Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress. Each of which are @yearingcat or use yearingcat in the URL.

Increasingly, however, I’ve found myself wanting to write under my own name.

I wonder whether this is a wish to closely link the words I write and the images I post with my own consideration of self.

While I could also suggest yearingcat is an extension of ‘me’, it’s also a facade and wall that is erected which allows me to post more or less anonymously.

Who knows, I may change back to my real name yet.


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