Journey’s are interesting things. They can be preordained. They can be spontaneous. They can happen when you don’t think they’re happening at all.

Read/Land is one of those Journey’s that’s preordained. The even more interesting thing about it is, it’s also spontaneous and happening all around us.

In asking for people to contribute in any way they felt comfortable, Read/Land is a journey that has a present, a past and a future.

The central concern of ‘the land’, dictates that contributions aren’t subject to temporal constraints.

We hope that an audience will emotionally respond to this stimulus in a way to brings forth memories, feelings, smells, sounds and all that has been with ones experience with the land.

We hope that stories emerge that themselves could stand alone as portraits of Australia, and the world over.

Insights, knowledge, understanding.

These are key to this project and will form the basis for compiling contributions nearing the end of the project.

Will it say the most about identity? Will it speak volumes about what it means to be Australian? Will it be something less romantic?

Regardless, we hope this journey is a fulfilling one.


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