Radio Reflection – Part 8

When I found out that the mind behind Triple J Unearthed was an RMIT graduate it brought home how some ideas can have modest origins and great destinations.

It also pointed out the need and value in supporting up and coming artists, something radio is extremely good at doing.

It sort of this self fulfilling cycle.

An artist gets earkmarked and keenly watched, then played on national radio. And should it all go to plan, their name is sure to be up in lights.

Aided by the integration of radio stations with festivals and gigs across the country, its almost simultaneous that these artists become heralded around the country.

Take, for example, a set by St. Lucia at this years Parklife festival. The band’s frontman Jean-Philip Grobler thanked Triple J for their support, playing their song ‘September’ which must have inevitably landed them a a spot on the bill for the festival this October.

Thus, it’s not just domestic. The platform is localized, but expands its tentacles outward – interstate, international – and brings acts back to its localized position.

This doesn’t answer however, why some bands are picked over others.

Sure, there is technical proficiency, like how good the production is or how well they play live.

But undoubtedly some artists get lost in the ether.

It’s great, then, that the likes of digital and online radio will hopefully be able to fill that void, giving proper exposure to all artists that deserve it.


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