Radio Reflection – Part 9

What do I really like about radio?

As a listener, I like how you can just sit and listen. Simple, yes. But not many things allow to do that these days.

While some stations it is quite hard to do this, due to adds etc. many stations still offer pure talkback, or talkback and music in its purest sense.

Aside from this, the attraction is in the innate connection that is formed with an audience.

Having twice presented on Triple R, I always felt that strange buzz as you present, knowing that at least some people are listening on the other end.

You truly feel a sense of importance and worth in being able to bring radio to these people.

And of course, it’s a medium that begs for greater consideration. As understated as it is, it is beautiful in its simplicity.

It has a history. A present. And most importantly, a future. What that future is however is yet to be seen.


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