You Shall Not Pass – The Herald Sun and Online Gateways

Back in Semester 1 2012, I wrote in my old blog about the Herald Sun’s decision to go digital and get the audience to pay through a firewall.

After reading an Andrew Bolt column in the Sun this morning I thought I might follow the link to blog with him online. Great. Until, hold it, I have to register to read online HS material? And it’s not going to cost anything now but soon ill have to pay $2.95 to read it? You’ve got to be joking. If this isn’t the worst money making idea in the network then im not sure what is. The whole reason im online is to access free material quite readily without barriers, you mustn’t get that Mr. Bolt. Adrian, id like to get your take on this.

I still haven’t changed my stance on this. So I asked my brother what he thought about it. As he noted, the morning paper used to be something he’d hate to miss out on reading. It was a portal to a wealth of information and a great way to initiate ones mind to what’s been happening in the past 24 hours.

Now, he doesn’t really mind if he doesn’t get to read it. Even more so, he doesn’t make much of an effort to read the newspaper whatsoever.

We both agree, as mostly everyone does, that newspapers are slowly dying out. Yet if this is the case, we want to go online to get this information.

I’m perfectly happy to pay for ‘Journalism’ as opposed to ‘News’, yet online this payment just isn’t going to happen.

If it’s something tangible I can hold with my hands, I’m willing to pay for it. Digital, on the other hand, doesn’t demand the same respect and consideration.

Take torrenting – a prime example of our inability to see digital content as something worth paying for.

So where does this leave the Herald Sun? I can’t bare to think. Regardless, I doubt it is going to survive much longer if it keeps adhering to this model of distribution.


One thought on “You Shall Not Pass – The Herald Sun and Online Gateways

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