Falling For You – A Target Short Film

What the hell is going on.

Watching Gruen Planet last night – great show by the way – the discussion moved onto ‘Falling For You’ A Target short film.

For those who don’t know, it’s a short film starring some relatively well known actors wearing Target clothes – all of which you can buy.

What the hell.

Now I’m not trying to poo poo the idea. Undoubtedly this kind of integrated advertising does have its merits. But a corny lovey dovey schmoltzy short piece of …. isn’t making me want to buy anything.

Hell, I’d love to buy that timepiece Jeremy Renner wears in The Bourne Legacy. Or Don’s tie hold from ‘The Wheel’. But I don’t want a freakin banner scrolling across the screen at the same time as the show is happening.

Russell Howcroft suggested we already do this anyway. Thanks to laptops, tablets, phones. To an extent he’s right.

But would we embrace an integration with a certain program or show? I.E. A link that pops up on the bottom of the screen to tap into our browser so we don’t have to do the searching ourselves?

Or is the fun in our ability to do this searching ourselves?

Either way, I’m not falling for this ploy by Target. Lucky it’s only in America.


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