The Audience – A Look Back at Read/Land

Looking at our followers, it’s pretty easy to see that his audience is young, literate and tech savvy. Now we would attribute this predominately to the formats we chose to make use of in this project.

Looking at facebook, tumblr and twitter, it’s not surprising that 80+% of followers were in the 18-24 year old bracket on facebook and twitter
With numbers getting closer to 100% in the case of tumblr.

The assumption here is that this demographic is most at ease with these mediums, thus they are more likely to become involved. And indeed, our friends are in this category. So considering this topic was something that interested us, it is safe to assume this same interest was what led to people of a similar submitting contributions online.

At its peak, the facebook page reached 1,021 people.

In the end, we would reach around 80 people per day on facebook.

Predominately, these followers were Melbournites.

Although we did have 4 followers from Cape Town in South Africa, and single followers from Tel Aviv, Copenhagen and Taipei.

An interesting thing to note here is that due to the active nature of this 18-24 year old audience, it is quite simple to garner contributions that are quality, in depth, and able to spark discussion. As long as you have a juicy hook for them to get stuck in to.

As media professionals, this model, that of integration across many sites, contribution amongst friends, and a calling for something more, knowledge, sharing, stories is one that works quite well.

And we would attribute our success to the strength of the concept. Whereby, the opportunity to reflect on Australia, the land and relations to the land are each quite prevalent in traditional media and also our daily lives and indeed throughout history. Therefore, this project provided a space for people to express their feelings and share their knowledge in an open environment – something that had not been provided previously.

Aside from the online, the callout poster was effective in garnering a few responses from other people who may not have wished to be involved online.
In hindsight, this mode of address wasn’t the most effective, and efforts to bump up the online presence could have been increased by forsaking this avenue.

That being said, in the right environment, this form of callout can be really successful and hit the target market right between the eyes as it is a romantic throw back to an older time that has the possibility to resonate with all audiences.


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