Sports, Twitter, Facebook, Corruption, Scandal

Has the network/social media changed the tendency for scandal to be rumoured, spread and confirmed?

Take this week. Two stories came out at once each detailing various degrees of corruption in sport.

Matt White in cycling.

Damien Oliver in horse riding.

I am not suggesting a judgement either way on these, however it is interesting to note that I had word of these prior to anything being printed on paper.

Twitter, the trusty news source, already was flowing with suggestions of what may be printed in the next day’s news.

Further on, it’s also the trade period for the AFL.

Each rumour, inuendo and prospect is posted on Facebook thanks to ‘AFL Free Agency, Trade, Draft & Season News’.

So why do we need newspapers?

Well, for one all of this news is free. It can be shared, but doesn’t have to be bought in the first place.

That being said, I still appreciate a coffee and newspaper at the local cafe.

So back to my initial question. Do these mediums now proliferate more rumours and reveal more scandals?

If the above are anything to go by, the answer is undoubtedly, yes.


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