Big Day Out Evolution Grant

Ask and you shall receive. After writing on transmedia as a gimmick last night, low and behold a potential candidate for an evolutionary approach to transmedia hits my inbox.

David Tiley writes:

The Screen Producers’ Association of Australia is partnering with music stalwarts Big Day Out and Sounds Australia to offer the $20,000 Big Day Out Evolution Grant. For SPAA, this is a sideways step into new territory just as its new leadership takes control. For everyone else, it is a party in Texas.

Have a read, worthwhile few minutes I’d say

While I’m still not too sure what such a grant is going to foster, I am fairly sure this kind of movement towards collaboration can only be a good thing. I’m also unsure how the submission/selection process is going to take, or is taking, place.

However, Tiley seems similarly unsure. Having asked Millie Millgate and BDO themselves what the desired outcome is, the general consensus is some kind of new, unique interaction between performers, filmmakers, musicians, new media and anyone else who has the head to be able to piece this all together.

As BDO puts it, ‘it is time to create storified content, to produce interactive film, video, holograph and light shows that go beyond displaying a twitter feed on a screen..”

It sounds exciting. They’re talking about bring performances and interaction to new levels through the backing of an already established industry/event in Big Day Out.

But what are people going to submit? I’ve already got a few ideas myself.


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