Researching Television

It is becoming overwhelmingly apparent just how in depth one would need to go. I am making reference to the group task I have recently undertaken which aims to analyse where family now sits in the TV landscape.

At each point in development, I find myself returning to this question of Audience vs. Content vs. Reality. Whereby, in each circumstance one is more prevalent than the other, however at all times, each seem to be present in the creation and broadcast of TV.

However, it seems futile. I am unconvinced, regardless of the research I conduct, that attempting to answer this question of which is more important in the creation of content is achievable. Rather, it would seem that research around trends, and a broader approach to family as a term would be helpful in achieving an understanding of where family sits.

So too, it is contentious to attempt to label any one thing as ‘family’. Then again, not labelling it anything is similarly fraught with potential criticism.

During a meeting this week, Ino and I discussed the necessities of his section which covers the history and evolution of family as a term and a unit. I feel that his research will be essential in basing this report in some kind of truth and history. So too, I feel it may become necessary for me to put together a brief history of TV itself to accompany this.


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