What is this research actually about?

‘It’s a change in sensibility but it’s not necessarily a change inherent to family itself.’

This is a line I took down from a discussion with Brian about the MI1 project. While Ino and I have been discussing the ins and outs of charting family and its evolution, I think the above line points out exactly where the project really needs to hit.

What we are trying to do is gain an understanding of how changes to family have influenced production of TV and how TV works to influence family. However, these changes are proving supremely difficult to nail down, hence why the above line is a bit of a breakthrough. If we consider that this change is more of a cultural one, a pyschological one, if you will, then we can begin to look at where exactly family sits within ‘perceived’ beliefs of the family itself.

Perhaps, it’s more a broadening of acceptance and understanding of the different kinds that occurs through television. Not necessarily an imminent and wide reaching social change.

Hopefully this will aid Wennie in her section, as she tackles how producers create content to react to changes in family.


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