Fresh Meat – A Review of The Veal Jobs

So, today was the big day!

We put on the seminar, and despite a few small audio troubles it went off without a hitch. In the end we streamlined questioning through me to allow for Paul to manage visuals which worked well. Our guests all had very interesting things to say and I found I was able to weave between their insights and anecdotes to find connections between their respective backgrounds. Very thankful for their input.

Great job by the team to bring it all together. The hall looked great and the popcorn went off like a treat. We were first cab off the rank and I think we’ve set the bar fairly high.

Thanks again to all those involved.


FRESH MEAT – The Veal Jobs

Great meeting yesterday with the crew about this week’s seminar. We’re getting very close now and it’s very comforting to know we’ve got 3 out of the 4 guests confirmed. Just waiting on hearing from Neil McCart and we’ll have our guests all locked in.

As far as my role goes I am very confident and pleased with we’re I’m at. I’ll be tasked with directing the seminar on Friday but am convinced I’ll be able to hold it together!

We’ve planned to arrive at 8.30am for setup of the event and have set our timeline for the event. The various elements are all being delivered in the morning, perhaps the most exciting of which is a popcorn machine! I’ve also managed to lend a red carpet which should lift the look of the seminar nicely.

We’ve decided it will be best for Paul to monitor Twitter/Social Media for questions to pass on to me, hopefully this will allow for a smooth transition and connection with the audience. We do need to sort out what will be projected however, with each of us sending through details to Paul to put together.

Lastly, we’re ramping up the theme with bow ties and usher outfits to be worn by the team. Reckon it’ll look great!

Very happy with how we have worked as a team so far, looking forward to putting it all into action this Friday.


So, it looks as if we are going for ‘The Veal Jobs’. Very happy with the choice and I get the feeling it’ll gain some intrigue into the seminar.

Having discussed with the team on Tuesday and further elaborated on Friday with Nick it is clear we need to choose and approach guests who are going to best serve our intended outcomes from the seminar. We want to give people an insight into the industry. We want them to be able to sit in front of our guests and glean as much information as possible from them – information that is going to stand them in good stead to apply and successfully attain positions in the future.

So far, we’re looking at Dean O’Flaherty from Unicorn Films, Neil McCart, a locations manager and services advisor at Film Victoria, Scott Ince, a first AD and Lora-Mae Adrao, Post Production supervisor at Ghost Pictures. I’ll also have help from Ned, Paul, Ian and Sam in collating this. The rest of the team are tasked with either the media side of things, promotion, collateral etc. or the tech side of the set up. I have agreed to help Ned make a promo video for the seminar also.

Essentially, as the host for the event I’m tasked with digging up the backgrounds of each of our guests. In so doing, I hope to be able to find segues, lead ons, connections etc. between the guests and also interesting bits of information that will latch onto the objective of the event to range from pre production all the way through to post production, all the way discussing what’s involved.

So far have found some great info and tid bits on Dean and Neil, just need to brush up on Scott and Lora-Mae.

So too I’ve been fairly vocal in steering the general theme of the lecture hall to a movie theatre – welcoming people in as if they’re watching a movie. Our meetings have been productive and notes are flying around between us all. It’s safe to say we’re in work mode!

UBUWeb – Francois Dufrene

I think Francois disliked classical. At least when you listen to Köchel que j’aime one could imagine Francois sitting there with a recorder weeping into it, scratching on vinyl or a blackboard to truly stick his middle finger up at classical music. Is he being facetious in suggesting he loves Kochel in the title? A slight smirk on his face as he does so? It’s similarly interesting to consider the note below the track which posits ‘tracks include the fantastic crirhythm from 1970 title ‘belle nuisances hantez nos nuits’ – which I can only assume translates to ‘beautiful nuisances that haunt our nights’. Here I begin to question Francois’ mental state. Was he a brat, rebelling against the classical? Or sketching his own mental consideration of the classical and being completely genuine in his ‘love’ for Kochel? Manifest in these superimpositions? Food for thought. At first I imagined a scene from a movie, damsel in distress having been left by her man, weeping uncontrollably. Either way – God was I happy when the track came to a close…

Fresh Meat – Our Version

Having chosen groups and had a quick discussion about where we want to take our Seminar, it’s fairly clear we’ve got a bit of work to do!

We’re on in Week 5, which gives us 2 weeks to get this seminar up and about. The thing is, as much as 2 weeks seems like a short amount of time I think we will be absolutely fine. I’ve more or less put my hand up for promotional activities and also expressed my interest in hosting which was well received.

Essentially, we’re going for an in depth look at how to go about getting a job in the industry. The real job landscape if you will. After all, we’re all leaving University this year with the intention of finding work among other things, but how do we actually go about this? Hopefully our seminar will provide some key insights.

A few names pop to mind straight off the bat – Dean O’Flaherty at Unicorn Films and Damien Atherton at Universal Pictures. Both are people I have worked with and absolute pleasures to talk to – each could definitely provide interesting insights into the industry.

Next week we will attempt to lock in positions etc. which will push us closer to getting this up and running.

UBU Sound Archive – Los Angeles Free Music Society

What a bizarre beginning. The timbre of this beginning is freaky. I think it might be strings, however I’m unsure. It oscillates around, getting louder and scarier. Ghost like even. Until a scratch comes in, like a workman trying to open a door. Then comes in a bee! In total the experimental piece is quite impressive. If not a little frustrating. But imagine setting this up to play in a room of people, lights off, for 44 minutes. I think most would come out of the experience either a little worn down or rather intrigued. Overall, a great piece of experimental art.

Schaeffer – 5 Etudes de Bruits – 1948 – Tourniquets

Head to the link below to see what I’m writing on. It’s number 5.

Schaeffer – 5 Etudes de Bruits – 1948 – Tourniquets

What an interesting sound. Initially it’s almost Rock n Roll. It rolls around, drum like, tribal and primal. I get the feeling of a Kanye West track, or a raging 40’s jazz pick up. Then the thing just turns a corner and goes kooky! Reminiscent of a water tap, a spider, something crawling up a drain pipe then falling down again. Then a bell chimes in, piercing through the picked strings to really send a shiver down your spine. I wonder whether Schaeffer had a certain image in mind when creating this. The textures of the beginning and the later part are so completely in tact yet vastly different it’s as though this piece takes place at a moment of realisation or a moment of shock and horror as our protagonist walks down the corridor. Then again, Schaeffer might just have been messing about and didn’t have a cinematic image in mind. But God would it work!