Schaeffer – 5 Etudes de Bruits – 1948 – Tourniquets

Head to the link below to see what I’m writing on. It’s number 5.

Schaeffer – 5 Etudes de Bruits – 1948 – Tourniquets

What an interesting sound. Initially it’s almost Rock n Roll. It rolls around, drum like, tribal and primal. I get the feeling of a Kanye West track, or a raging 40’s jazz pick up. Then the thing just turns a corner and goes kooky! Reminiscent of a water tap, a spider, something crawling up a drain pipe then falling down again. Then a bell chimes in, piercing through the picked strings to really send a shiver down your spine. I wonder whether Schaeffer had a certain image in mind when creating this. The textures of the beginning and the later part are so completely in tact yet vastly different it’s as though this piece takes place at a moment of realisation or a moment of shock and horror as our protagonist walks down the corridor. Then again, Schaeffer might just have been messing about and didn’t have a cinematic image in mind. But God would it work!


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