Fresh Meat – Our Version

Having chosen groups and had a quick discussion about where we want to take our Seminar, it’s fairly clear we’ve got a bit of work to do!

We’re on in Week 5, which gives us 2 weeks to get this seminar up and about. The thing is, as much as 2 weeks seems like a short amount of time I think we will be absolutely fine. I’ve more or less put my hand up for promotional activities and also expressed my interest in hosting which was well received.

Essentially, we’re going for an in depth look at how to go about getting a job in the industry. The real job landscape if you will. After all, we’re all leaving University this year with the intention of finding work among other things, but how do we actually go about this? Hopefully our seminar will provide some key insights.

A few names pop to mind straight off the bat – Dean O’Flaherty at Unicorn Films and Damien Atherton at Universal Pictures. Both are people I have worked with and absolute pleasures to talk to – each could definitely provide interesting insights into the industry.

Next week we will attempt to lock in positions etc. which will push us closer to getting this up and running.


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