So, it looks as if we are going for ‘The Veal Jobs’. Very happy with the choice and I get the feeling it’ll gain some intrigue into the seminar.

Having discussed with the team on Tuesday and further elaborated on Friday with Nick it is clear we need to choose and approach guests who are going to best serve our intended outcomes from the seminar. We want to give people an insight into the industry. We want them to be able to sit in front of our guests and glean as much information as possible from them – information that is going to stand them in good stead to apply and successfully attain positions in the future.

So far, we’re looking at Dean O’Flaherty from Unicorn Films, Neil McCart, a locations manager and services advisor at Film Victoria, Scott Ince, a first AD and Lora-Mae Adrao, Post Production supervisor at Ghost Pictures. I’ll also have help from Ned, Paul, Ian and Sam in collating this. The rest of the team are tasked with either the media side of things, promotion, collateral etc. or the tech side of the set up. I have agreed to help Ned make a promo video for the seminar also.

Essentially, as the host for the event I’m tasked with digging up the backgrounds of each of our guests. In so doing, I hope to be able to find segues, lead ons, connections etc. between the guests and also interesting bits of information that will latch onto the objective of the event to range from pre production all the way through to post production, all the way discussing what’s involved.

So far have found some great info and tid bits on Dean and Neil, just need to brush up on Scott and Lora-Mae.

So too I’ve been fairly vocal in steering the general theme of the lecture hall to a movie theatre – welcoming people in as if they’re watching a movie. Our meetings have been productive and notes are flying around between us all. It’s safe to say we’re in work mode!


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