UBUWeb – Francois Dufrene

I think Francois disliked classical. At least when you listen to Köchel que j’aime one could imagine Francois sitting there with a recorder weeping into it, scratching on vinyl or a blackboard to truly stick his middle finger up at classical music. Is he being facetious in suggesting he loves Kochel in the title? A slight smirk on his face as he does so? It’s similarly interesting to consider the note below the track which posits ‘tracks include the fantastic crirhythm from 1970 title ‘belle nuisances hantez nos nuits’ – which I can only assume translates to ‘beautiful nuisances that haunt our nights’. Here I begin to question Francois’ mental state. Was he a brat, rebelling against the classical? Or sketching his own mental consideration of the classical and being completely genuine in his ‘love’ for Kochel? Manifest in these superimpositions? Food for thought. At first I imagined a scene from a movie, damsel in distress having been left by her man, weeping uncontrollably. Either way – God was I happy when the track came to a close…



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