FRESH MEAT – The Veal Jobs

Great meeting yesterday with the crew about this week’s seminar. We’re getting very close now and it’s very comforting to know we’ve got 3 out of the 4 guests confirmed. Just waiting on hearing from Neil McCart and we’ll have our guests all locked in.

As far as my role goes I am very confident and pleased with we’re I’m at. I’ll be tasked with directing the seminar on Friday but am convinced I’ll be able to hold it together!

We’ve planned to arrive at 8.30am for setup of the event and have set our timeline for the event. The various elements are all being delivered in the morning, perhaps the most exciting of which is a popcorn machine! I’ve also managed to lend a red carpet which should lift the look of the seminar nicely.

We’ve decided it will be best for Paul to monitor Twitter/Social Media for questions to pass on to me, hopefully this will allow for a smooth transition and connection with the audience. We do need to sort out what will be projected however, with each of us sending through details to Paul to put together.

Lastly, we’re ramping up the theme with bow ties and usher outfits to be worn by the team. Reckon it’ll look great!

Very happy with how we have worked as a team so far, looking forward to putting it all into action this Friday.


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