This week saw the Chew Meatier team taking the stage and delivering a very interesting seminar indeed.

Guests included TANK Creative guy Jim Antonopolous, Western Bulldogs Media man Tom Nickson and Campfire head Richard Leigh.

Jim was interesting. I would say he was rather polarising. Regardless of TANK creative’s accolades it seemed a little strange to seemingly belittle a client in the AFL Player’s Association by posing the question of how do you treat a client that deals with 800 boys? That being said, it does bring to light the position an agency such as TANK might need to assume in order to truly connect with the essence of their client and achieve a great result, as evidenced by their multiple effectiveness awards.

Next up we were treated to Tom Nickson. Tom was very candid in his approach to the cut throat nature of the industry. In particular he made it clear that as a student leaving the University environment you must ask the following question, what differentiates you? After all, we all receive that piece of paper.

Lastly, Richard Leigh treated us to his own interesting approach to education that he’s tirelessly filtered through Campfire. In a nutshell, collecting short films and making them available to teachers in schools. Perhaps most interestingly, Richard offered a revision of the old adage ‘content is king’, suggesting it is more akin to ‘audience is king and content is the banquet’.

All in all, a great, informative seminar with plenty of tid bits of info and helpful advice on entering the media landscape.


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