The Critic’s Choice!

Great seminar, I must say. Awesome set up, really nice lighting and feel. Although, these old ears struggled with the music up so loud.

My first critique would be to Tom. All in all a great performance as host, however at times it seemed as if you were trying to steer the convo. A guest would offer a response and you would follow them by summing up what they had said and making it seem as if you had offered the advice. Apart from that, job well done.

Oh, and smarties? Great attention to detail!

Now for the guests. Fantastic picks. Peter Hitchener in particular was fantastically insightful. An old school stalwart with a new age sentimentality who can at once say’if someone’s got a job, you take it! As far as I can tell!’, then follow that up with a reference to Insta and a considered comment on Twitter – ‘I don’t see any point in twitter being anything other than a two way street’. Great insights into the position of Free-To-Air and being a cog in the machine. Nice work.

Aside from this, very interesting to hear both Emma Freeman and Chris Bendall positioning the ‘work’ over ‘networking’. For mine, it seems of utmost importance to get your work out there, and while you can focus solely on the work, surely networking is just as important? A refreshing moment to hear the contrary.

WELL DONE you could say.


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