Fresh Meat – MI2 Self Assessment

We find ourselves at the end of yet another semester and Media Industries 2 has been a fairly drastic change from what I’ve been used to, that’s for certain. Not only were we tasked with pumping out a high quality seminar to be enjoyed by our peers and the general public, we have been all working to compile resources, interview people in the industry and doing our best to write about all that in an interesting way.

Contribution and Collaboration:

My main task in putting on the Fresh Meat seminar was to produce the content for the running of the event. Specifically this involved putting together reports and blurbs about each of our guests to not only prepare myself for each of their respective backgrounds but also serve as content for introducing and representing the guests on screen – the production of which amped up around week 4.

Aside from this I also helped in leading our various meetings in the early stages of designing the event and leading up to the day. In conversation with Sam, Ian, Ned, Paul and Seb we were tasked with putting together some promo videos and truly deciding on who we needed for the event.

Issues arose, however by clearly defining our roles we were able to leave the final word on these decisions to the respective group.

Proactive Learning:

In watching the seminars throughout the Fresh Meat series and putting on our own seminar it was undoubtedly an enjoyable process taking what was learnt in these and furthering my research into each of the industries. In particular, researching guests that presented post event proved helpful in getting a greater understanding of where they might be coming from – some context if you will.

So too, I have been active in seeking out connections between these guests and my desired career path.


Having missed two of the seminars and one class I am not entirely clear on the full attendance schedule. However I managed to stay across those that were missed through the notes of peers and online content provided for the events. This being said I believe I have played an important role in my group and in general class discussion – offering ideas and opinions when necessary.

Connections and Intersections:

It was really nice to see things discussed in previous weeks addressed in further seminars. Key themes from our seminar for example, such as the importance of networking, were further discussed in Fresh Meat: Well Done.

Most interestingly I found the predominate answer to networking was one of reluctance. It’s relieving to hear that you can make it to that position without being a suck up! Regardless, I can certainly see the words of Peter Hitchener, the positive group environment of The Veal Jobs, the Seminar we eventually staged and the creative process of the seminar all coming into handy when I am faced with similar circumstances in the future.

So too, I think the seminar series has helped in pointing out those of our 2013 group that are destined to go beyond their successful study at RMIT onto greater things in the future. These are exciting times ahead.



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